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Welcome! Thank you so much for visiting Messages to my Daughters! This company was born out of my journey to reclaim myself. When I was young I lost my true innate essence. I became what I believed the world expected of me, rather than honoring whom I was born to be. It has been an incredible journey of self-discovery, heartache, healing, and reclamation of my feminine essence and power.



A Self-Discovery Journey Started at Birth

The birth of my daughters changed me as a human being. Becoming a mother was the most magnificent experience. It was met with excitement, anticipation, fear, doubt, anxiety, and most of all a love I never thought I was capable of. As I began my journey of reclaiming my true essence and tapping into the once unimaginable possibilities of what my life could be, I was initially called to share these learnings and experiences with my daughters. They will travel on their own paths and experience peaks and valleys along the way, and I wanted them to have these messages to carry with them as they discovered their own gifts. 

This calling grew increasingly bigger and I was pulled to reach out to support women and girls on their own journeys. What I discovered in all of this work, at the core is self-love. We as women and girls are inundated with messages about who we should be and how we should be. These messages can be destructive to the soul and to our feminine essence. Restoring and building self-love in women across the globe is at the heart of women sharing their true selves with the world. When women and girls show up and step into their incredible, beautiful, and divine power amazing things happen.

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Self-Love & Self-Care

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I am so excited to begin this journey hand in hand with my daughters and the women and girls of this world. 



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