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Advice For Teen Girls

3 Pieces of Advice for Teen Girls That No One Wants to Talk About

Colorado is the ideal setting for raising a family. Despite the ideal location, however, being a teen girl is still tough. How can you find relevant and useful advice that doesn't make you feel flawed and misdirected? Here are 3 simple pieces of advice for teen girls that you may not hear anywhere else.


  • You own your body. No one has the right to do anything to your body that you do not specifically and vocally allows. That right is inextricably linked to your responsibility to take care of yourself and treat your body well.

  • You don't have to meet anyone else's expectations. Being true to yourself sometimes means taking a break from the crowd. If others are doing things that don't feel right to you, you have the responsibility to walk away and make your own choices.

  • There's always someone willing to listen. Being a teenage girl can be lonely. However, there is always someone to lend you a friendly ear while you work out your problems. Find someone you can trust to help you through the tough times.


Find more advice for teen girls at Messages to My Daughters. This inspirational blog provides instruction, guidance, and feel-good stories that will help you on your journey to adulthood.

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