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Advice Giving

3 Tips for Advice Giving that Minimize Potential Conflict

When you care about someone, you want the absolute best for that person. So when you see your friend or loved one dealing with a difficult situation, your first response is to offer advice that helps reduce the pain. However, advice isn't always welcome or received well. Use these 3 tips to make sure your advice always hits the right notes, no matter who you're engaged with.


  • Ask first. Your friend may come to you with a problem but not necessarily want advice. Ask before offering potential solutions.

  • Look beyond your own viewpoint. Respect personal differences of opinion and abilities. Your solutions may not be right for the person with whom you are speaking.

  • Keep your conversation confidential. Don't take matters that you discuss to another party unless you think your friend will do something to physically hurt themselves or others. If more help is needed, ask before seeking outside advice.


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