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Knowing Yourself

Knowing Yourself: What Does It Really Mean?

It's often said the key to a happy and fulfilling life is knowing yourself. For young girls, however, that can be a difficult task. How can you know yourself while you're still figuring out so much about life? These tips will help you define yourself in the healthiest possible ways.


  • Know your rights. Everyone is born with certain rights. These can be granted by the social structure you grow up in, your family and friends, or the schools and institutions you spend time in. Take time to understand and define your rights.

  • Find what makes you happy. Whether it's music, cheerleading, or building model vehicles, your personal passions are a big part of your contribution to society. Find your joy and make it an important part of your daily life.

  • Establish clear boundaries. Claiming your rights means knowing how to defend them. Don't be afraid to say no or refuse to participate in things that don't feel right.


Knowing yourself is the first step to a truly satisfying life experience. Find yourself with compassionate guidance from Messages for My Daughters.

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