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Mother Advice

3 Vital Pieces of Mother Advice You Can't Live Without

Mothers are the keepers of the community. Their ability to understand the innate value of a strong social structure helps hold families together. Whether your mother passed away long ago or simply isn't able to give you the emotional and mental support you need, these pieces of mother advice can help you navigate your way through daily life and achieve your greatest goals.


  • Everyone is important. All those lessons about sharing, being polite, and using empathy and compassion in your social life are meant to illustrate an important point. Without a community behind you, you cannot thrive. Treat everyone as an important part of your story.

  • You are not responsible for the feelings of others. Emotional labor is the act of managing emotional responses. Often, women and girls are expected to do certain things to minimize the impact of emotional situations on others around them. This is not your job.

  • You are important too. It's important to take care of others in your community. However, you won't have the energy to do so if you don't take care of yourself first. By making yourself a priority, you make yourself more capable of contributing to the lives of others.


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