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Making Myself a Priority

Ever since I was a young girl, I wanted to be a mother. I remember looking at moms and yearning to be the one a child sought comfort from. I watched as a sad child would run to their mom and climb into their laps. The moms would wipe their tears away and hold them tight. I learned at a young age that there was nothing like the love of a mother. They were superheroes, and I desperately wanted to join their rank.

I am so grateful that my deepest desire came true not once but twice. If you have read previous blogs, you know that my daughters mean the world to me. I have spent the last 11 years focusing my energy and attention on these two amazing beings. From marriage to single motherhood, my focus has been to ensure they are wrapped in love every day. Life has had its ups and downs, but I think I have done a magnificent job of accomplishing my goal. My daughters are grounded, figuring out who they are, and operating out of a deep sense of belonging daily.

There have been times in the last 5+ years of single motherhood that I hung on by a thread and simply survived. During these times, I have reacted and not operated out of my true essence. While these times have been challenging, they have shown me how strong I am and what can happen when I step into my power; to show up as my authentic self and trust my intuition. I am so grateful for these experiences that have shaped me to be the woman and mother I am today.

What I have discovered on this road to reclaiming my true essence is that the healthier I am physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, the healthier my children are. This is a constant reminder to me and the importance of me making myself a priority. Prioritizing myself isn't just a monthly massage or the bi-monthly pedicure; instead, it is the day to day choices that I make that support my wellbeing. I have had to operate differently and talk with my daughters about my needs. I need alone time to cry and feel my feelings, I set aside uninterrupted time to work with my coach, I make time to write, and take a hot bath alone some nights. We have developed a respect for one another as we honor each other's needs. It has been a journey for all of us and sets a foundation for them to know it is essential to prioritize themselves. My daughters remain at the center of my world, and I celebrate myself for including myself in that center. I am better for the world when I take care of myself.

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