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Step into your Power

Power is an incredible energy.

It is taken.

It is given.

It is said that power is what everyone is after. The one who holds the power is the one who rules the world. There seems to be a constant energetic struggle in our relationships and in the world. We see power everywhere; the power to influence, the power to manipulate, the power to change the world, the abuse of power. Some people do all they can to possess it. Some want nothing to do with it.

The arrival of the new puppy has changed the dynamics in our household. For the first time ever, my youngest has something my oldest wants. This little "baby puppy" is all my youngest has desired for the last year and a half, and she finally possesses it! There is a different energy that now exists between her and her sister. At last, she has this gift that she has wished for, and she is terrified it will be taken away. Every time she is happily playing on her own and her sister plays with the puppy, my youngest immediately stops what she is doing to get her puppy. She doesn't want to share. She is possessive of this little being. She cherishes him, and she also holds him captive because of her fear. She experiences elation and the deep-seated anguish that he will be taken. She takes power out of fear.

On the other hand, for the first time in my oldest daughter's life, she wants something her sister has. She doesn't know how to operate in this new dynamic. She follows my youngest and the puppy around. She looks for opportunities to play with the puppy. She doesn't want to ask for permission because she is afraid the answer will be "no." Even when she has time with the puppy, she can't genuinely be happy because she is waiting for her sister to come and take him away. She lives in a world of jealousy right now. This is a new world for her, and it is entirely uncomfortable. She gives her power away out of envy.

Power is an energy that is exchanged, but ultimately it resides in us. When we allow ourselves to be overrun by our emotions, we give or take power in an unhealthy way. Feeling our feelings, releasing these emotions, and grounding ourselves in our worth and value allows us to remain in our power. Yes, external forces will try to take or give power, but it can't be taken if we don't surrender it. Power can't be given to us if we don't accept it. This is an incredible gift that has been bestowed on our family. This is a tremendous opportunity for my girls to learn to stand in their power, knowing, and worth. This dynamic may not change overnight, but we will work to change it over time. We will operate as a family to support each other, talk with each other, love each other, feel our feelings, and ground ourselves in our centered, grounded power.

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