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Self Reflection

3 Essential Tools for Self Reflection

In pursuit of growth, self reflection is one of our greatest tools. Being able to see and analyze our own behavior patterns gives us the power to reshape our thoughts and positively impact our lives. Use these 3 tools the next time you pause for self reflection to realize more truths and achieve higher understanding.


  • Notebook. The physical act of writing with pen and paper is a more effective way to do your journaling. Writing by hand forces us to concentrate in a different way, which can guide you to greater insights than your digital journaling.

  • Honesty. The ability to be honest with yourself is the cornerstone of self reflection. You may not like what you see at first, however, the courage to look at yourself honestly is the first step to real growth.

  • A goal. Entering your period of self reflection with an idea or goal in mind helps you stay on track. It's also a surefire way to walk away from your session with real results.


Find the inspiration you need to make your self reflection more meaningful from Messages to My Daughters. Our blog posts are designed to help the women live their most illuminated lives.

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